Thursday, September 30, 2010

Believe me, I'm stupid. Sissy Eyebags is Back


You read it right. I'm stupid. I forgot my blog PASSWORD!! The last time i was able to access this Blog was March 2010, and after that I can't recall my log in information. Been a busy lazy bee, looking for the sweetest honey, or i should say "money". Before I forgot to mention, I need to have eye make up brushes!! Christmas is fast approaching... Just a friendly reminder.

This time, I am back! Officially buzzing the hottest...

Thought for the day:

  • Heard of Zarmina's World? I wanna go there. I wonder if they already have their own lady gaga. Seriously.
  • Need to create a new twitter account. I just can't get my access right...
Love you. Love me.


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