Monday, June 30, 2008

My Luck: PayPerPost

I Want Eyebags blog was approved by PayPerPost as their new postie. It is a site that provides blog ads where bloggers can earn from it. I was declined in some paid to post sites, and PayPerPost was my luck. What I love with PayPerPost is that it offers numerous opportunities. PayPerPost was not a scam, it was trusted by a lot of bloggers and that makes me feel eager to be a part of it. There's no problem in terms of payments, because it uses Paypal every 30th of the month. Every entry is well compensated in terms of payment.

I started applying for PPP when my friend adjhoice, also a postie from PayPerPost mentioned it to me. This is a blessing, because earlier I'd mentioned that I have to earn money to replace my missing $350 dollars. And this PayPerPost is the answer. All I need is a lot of perseverance and a little bit of luck.

One more thing about PayPerPost is it makes a real and just scrutiny of the blogs who are applying. PayPerPost don't just take it for granted, especially if your blog complies with their requirements. I am looking forward to have more blogger friends while working in PayPerPost.

If you are interested to join, they provide simple steps in registering your account and blog. A thing that I'd learned from them is to work hard to get what I want. Don't worry if your blog is less than 3 or 4 months, you’ll still have the chance. This blog is only 2.5 months old.

It is worth working with PayPerPost.


I am done sending my 2 pages complain for a well known international exam service provider for professionals. I believe, I have the right to made that lengthy follow-up : for leaving me clueless for a month about my sent registration form and fee.

Apologies for the call center agents that i'd been talking to for the past 2 weeks. Maybe I am hard to handle, because I am waiting for almost a month. It was just enough for me to be assertive of what i need. 350$ is a big money, especially if it is converted into peso (almost 15k) - maybe you'll have the idea how irritable i am waiting.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I am not fine

Everyone had their own troubles to fix. The worst is if you don't have the power to fix your own mess. I don't have the capability to sail the sea swift, i cannot make things easy and fun. There's no way i can make things well.

God please grant me Magic.

Do you believe in Magic?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Suspicious Lines

The Famous Sulpicio Lines had another timeless story to tell. Our very own Sulpicio Lines is greater than Titanic, in terms of mortality. And this shipping line bagged the world record as : the highest death toll of any shipping line in the world killing more than approximately 5,300.

I am fond of delayed reaction, and rotten news are fresh for me. My only concern with this issue is those sinking, drowning and floating victims. Some of them are found in some beaches where i used to savor the breezy summer wind, and submerged my instantly tanned body.

Brain Fuzz, remember the Caranan beach? Where we spent an overnight swim with some friends? That was one of the spots the corps set.

My cousin who hates seafoods has the valid reason not to eat fishes for now.wehehe.

Bangs or Fringes (whatever we call it)

I am supposed to have a side swept bangs. My friends made use of the bandage scissors to cut my hair. And it ends up as a full blunt bangs. That was really fun, i look like a sixth grader. And now my friends call me, "koreanang natutong". My Korean hair and my Pinay skin tone - inappropriately perfect.

Aftermath: After a month, my cousins saw me - they hated it. My bangs annoyed them. I annoyed them by doing nothing! magic magic. Anyway its ok, atleast my biological father love it. He's the only one who commented that it looks nice!

New Layout

I made a Gossip Girl Inspired layout, since we are obviously gaga to GG, nate, chuck and the upper east side world. what more!

My old Layout:

Comments and suggestions are requested. wehehe.



I'm Home!

Yes you got it right. I'm back in my comfy zone: unlimited internet, blogging all the way, bloghopping forever and ever, ximmy to the verge of limit per day.

Still my financial problem with my Application in Pearson has not yet been settled. I am praying that it will be fixed soon. I am going to wait until tomorrow, and if nothing happens I'll be paying again.

Praying that everything will get into place.

Brain Fuzz - still busy? can i have some torrents? thanks.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Like iBags, I have been quite busy lately. I have a new job. I left my old one because the girl from payroll decided to be a bitch and played around with my salary. Long story short, she met someone who was an even bigger bitch than her. Also ... she got fired. Thanks to my 8-page resignation letter.

Now I'm working in this other company where I feel like I'm stealing money from the company. The job is ridiculously easy, we have unfettered internet access and I love everyone in the company. Well, except for this one guy on the 4th floor who happens to be the husband of the company's big boss. Yeah ... that's me. I always manage to pick a fight with someone with a lot of power.

Aside from sleeping when I get back from work, I haven't been doing much. It's off-season for my favorite TV shows. But I have been watching this new one. It's called GREEK and it's kinda fun. Of course nothing can beat Gossip Girl but Greek is an hour of guilty pleasure.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I got my XIMMY!

Everybody is interested of earning extra money. Here's a fun way to do some business in the internet. You don't need to wait for a blog approval. I am part of XIMMY! Be my ximmy buddy!Thanks.

Monday, June 9, 2008

its been so soo soo

Gloomy sky, foggy sidewalk, exhausted fingers, soaked brain cells, missing my family, WHAT a day! Also I miss BRAIN FUZZ! Are you busy? Are you working for real? for real? and for real?

I cannot find any decent and interesting story to tell, for now. I guess this is not unusual for a stressed blogger like Eyebags. Piles of books to be accomplished. I'll start tearing the pages, soaked it under a boiling water, then I'll slowly sip the broth of pages. Yeay!

Hey Brain Fuzz, I need your opinion for the new layout I doodled!

To all passers by, thank you! I'll be wandering blogosphere some other time.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


No more featured unidentified creature for today. This is my limelight. I would like to announce that I am T-I-R-E-D. After the 14hours trip, I am perfectly exhausted. I'll be staying away from home for the whole month of June. To those who will organize a party as a celebration of my absence in Naga City, Heart of Bicol - I will all ^%$&** you!!

I may not have my own internet connection, but my neighbor does. She's/ He’s too sweet for letting me connect from time to time. I did not ask any permission. Or maybe she/he can't just resist my charm. Right Brain Fuzz??

I am wishing and hoping that my time to time connection will be, for all time!

FYI: Not in hiatus mode.

Tata for now!