Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Heidi Montag, Promise She's Better This Time!

Heidi Montag has her new single, Party's Wherever I Am .

I must admit she was really good this time.

The breathing part was weird, but it was a hot club beat.
The track is available here Source.

Megan Fox Says

"I''ve never seen myself that way; I have a very masculine energy, I feel like a boy, I don''t feel feminine, I don''t feel attractive at all, So to hear all that is hard for me, It makes me very uncomfortable,”

This is what she said in an interview after being rated as the sexiest woman alive.

Monday, August 25, 2008


The 11th annual Gay Days will be celebrated this October 3-5. Miley Cyrus will celebrate her sweet sixteen on October 5.

Mark your calendars!

Girlfriend - Boyfriend Thing

Spotted hand in hand. Two opposite pole, adjoining in one point called L-O-V-E.

Another lame gossip i could ever buzz.

Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley

Suri Cruise hottest Celebabies

The gossiping world talks much about Little Suri. Everything about Suri, from her new haircut to the moment she was carried by her daddy Tom Cruise. Fans of their parents are gaga about this baby. Just like me, I once talk about her about painting pots. I am one of them. Just to buzz myself.

This photo was entitled "Suri Gets Carried Away"

How old is Catwoman?

It was a rumor rumors. At first it was Angelina Jolie who was buzz to be the next Catwoman. Well confirmation is not yet done, so another celeb news spread. It was the 62 year old CHER will play as Catwoman.

How do you feel about that?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

King Of Pranks : Zac Efron

He was the real prank in the set of High School Musical 3. For revenge his co - stars made a perfect plan on how to mess with Zac. To watch the planning and actual execution you may refer to my source link. Enjoy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lohan Fashion 101

Lindsay Lohan is making a laid back fashion statement.

Loose Tank + No Bra to under the wear!!
With you honey, were used to it.

Katie and Suri

Katie Holmes and her 2 year old child (Suri) was spotted in Manhattan’s Upper East Side at the Make store, NY. Pottery painting activities for the made to be famous and born famous.

Wanted BFF

Paris Hilton will be back on television, but in UK. It would be impossible to party out alone for this socialite, so a request for the British was out:

“I’m in the U.K. all the time, but of course I can’t bring all my friends, so I’ve decided to look for a new BFF across the pond. I need a best friend who is hot, who can keep up with me, and most of all, who is real and won’t be a backstabber. I’m not leaving London until I find that amazing girl or guy who can meet the challenges of being my British bestie!”

BFF for how long? Just asking.


This photo is said to be on feast in the gossip world.

Orlando Bloom + Girlfriend (Miranda Kerr) + BMW K 1200 = New York Must See

8-week Married Life

They've been dating for several years. Been engaged for 18 months. And married for 8 week. Wow with the statistics. Chris Kattan and Sunshine Tutt split up after their 8 - week married life.

Gwen Stefani New Baby

Gwen gave birth to her second child, a baby boy. His name was somewhat one of a kind, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale.

Twin Boys for Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin was on leave from his singing career to be a full time dad to his adopted twin boys. He got these twin boys from a surrogate mother. And he made it clear that his boys are both in good health.

George Clooney Gave Her A Car

Mr. Clooney gave a car worth $28,000 to a fan, after he unintentionally rear-ended an unnamed fan’s car. He left a note on the windscreen, saying, ‘I'm so sorry. Hope you'll forgive me. George Clooney.’” That was really sweet of him.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What David Archuleta?

David's Archuleta's first single was now out in iTunes. And the catch is he makes his chart debut at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Hot Digital Songs with 166k sold. Archuleta holds the highest selling single debut in all of the former American Idol's personalities.

Where's David Cook? Haven't heard of him for awhile.

S for Serena

Ms. Blake Lively the chic Serene of Gossip Girl was having a second shot of her movie the Sisterhood of the 'Traveling Pants' . The sequel of this movie will be on theater soon. She was also looking forward for a more serious role in Rebecca Miller film.

She looks more than just 20.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Madonna Disappointed

Madonna was disappointed in her 50th birthday. During her 40 minute speech she mentioned that she was disappointed, because some of her close friends were not able to attend the party. She was pertaining to Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney and some of her close friends.

JLO for Malibu’s Annual Triathlon.

Jennifer Lopez decided to join the Malibu's Annual Triathlon. She'll be participating in the punishing race – 1500m swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run – to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Best of luck to you Mommy Jen!

Peta Hearts Amanda / Amanda Denies Phelps

If Gwyneth was not of lurve by PETA, Amanda Beard was their fave. She poses nude for PETA.

Amanda denies that she was dating Michael Phelps. During an interview she said, "Ewwww, gross, sick …" and "Come on, I have really good taste."

Fine Ms.Beard whatever you say. Michael Phelps would get any girl she wants this very moment.

Monday, August 18, 2008

PETA Hates Ms. Paltrow

PETA talks about Gwyneth Paltrow for endorsing a fur under an Italian designer. She covered herself with a fox fur. Yeah that was indeed creative.

"Gwyneth Paltrow should be ashamed. I can only assume that Paltrow either is ignorant of the facts or lacks human decency and compassion. We’ve written to her many times, and sent her videos showing how animals suffer for fur, but have never received a response. Apparently her beauty really is only skin deep. Gwyneth Paltrow won’t be the apple of her daughter’s eye if she continues to flaunt fur. It’s a terrible example to set for a young child." - Mark Glover, director of Respect for Animals

Phil Collins : Rich Enough to Set Records

He paid Orianne Cevey (ex-wfie) $46.76 million for their divorce settlement. It was the biggest divorce settlement in Britain.

This not much, but too much. Marry me Phil Collins!!

Matilda Rose Ledger Given Big Shot Gifts

Matilda Rose Ledger was the daughter of the late Heath Ledger. The last will of this young actor was made before Matilda was born, so the kid gets nothing from the fortune of his dad. Jude Law, Colin Farrell, and Johnny Depp played the part of Heath in the completion of Ledger's Final Project "The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus". These three handsome men salaries from the said project were all given to Matilda.

They are not just hottie, they're also generous.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Madonna Happy In Her 50th Birthday

She celebrated her 5oth Birthday yesterday, August 16. Who would not be happy, if your hubby gave you a half a million worth of diamond necklace and earrings to be worn in your birthday party. That's so generous of you Guy Ritchie (Madonna's Husband) , you're indeed a rich guy.

If I turned 50 will i be having those sparkling gift?

Lily Allen Blogging

And here she is.. connecting with her fans through her blog. I am a Lily Allen Fan, once upon a time. But I find Kate Nash a better version of her. Sorry for the comparison, that's the way I feel.

Wedding Bells

What: ten ten teden.. ten ten tenden..

Wife: Portia de Rossi , 35
Wife: Ellen DeGeneres, 50

Where: Ellen’s posh $29 million home

When: Yesterday at 6:30PM

"We've both changed and grown, and we just feel like, 'Oh, okay, this is completion.'" - Portia

Congratulations to the newlywed!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The sixth Harry Potter film showing was move from November 21, 2008 to July 17, 2009. The buzz is that Daniel Radcliffe part in Equus is the issue. Warner Bros does not want to get into the picture while the Equus is still playing in Broadway. Daniel Radcliffe sexy image will be tame first, before Harry enters the scene.

He Broke It Off

"I ended a relationship to be alone, because I don't want to waste somebody's time if something's not right." - John Mayer

Not another line in from his song, but another for true statement in his life of love. Yes, John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston broke up. There were no third party, only that the spark was not there.

Honey maybe the spark is within me.

Shaquille and Shaunie Together Again

Shaquille O’Neal and Shaunie decides to cancel their divorce for good. They were married 2002 and decided last year for a divorce. Shaunie was said to be secretive about her assets - main reason why the idea of separation came up. Recently the divorce was call off, for the sake of their family.

That was so sweet of them.

Michael Phelps A New Record

This American swimmer breaks the world record of Mark Spitz. Michael Phelps was now holding his 8th gold medal in swimming for this 2008 Olympics. I am not a Phelps' fan, but he's really an icon. He'll be richer at the age of 23.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm Back

Eyebags absence almost cover the whole three weeks. I haven't buzz this hiding drama of mine for certain reasons. But I did some notice in my LUNES blog, that i'll be away for quite some time. I'll be making some updates starting tonight or tomorrow.

Hoping that you're glad that I'm back. Anyway whether you like it or not, happy or irritated - I'll be back. Start dealing with it.

I miss you!! xxxxxoooooxxxxx - Eyebags

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Page Rank Update July 26, 2008

Yesterday Google made an update for Page Rank!!

Bloggers start checking your PR!

Is it up or down??

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Peaches, You May Open the Window

It was reported that Peaches Geldof was found under drug overdose in her flat. After being revived, she refused to be brought to the hospital. That was so shy of Peaches. Hmmm. She wanted to keep it as a hush. But the latest buzz, her overdose was due to inhalation of hair dye while she was applying it on herself.

She forgot to open the window? That was.. I don't know. I'll just keep my fingers froze over my keyboard. Another socialite bow.

In her clown chic dress, The Dark Knight premiere.

I am not going to kill myself ---> EMO

This factual buzz is somewhat a struggle to the EMO kids rocking for their EQ. It's a battle between the Emo and the Russian Government. The Russian Legislation is working with the idea of banning all the emo and goth get up in schools and government buildings.

The web world is affected! Emo Websites will be regulated.

Things are very clear that the government negates with the prospering philosophy of EMO kids --> SUICIDE!

Side swept bangs, bye bye for now. ONLY in RUSSIA.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is FUN

This Personality Test is amusing, churvah showed this page to me. By the way, it would be more fun if you'll vote for her. The link for voting is on her page, thank you very much!!

About the personality test, I am the INDIVIDUALISTIC DOER!

My personality type: the individualistic doer


This may be true for you, just like mine.

1-4 steps then you're done!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Love

Sara Bareilles - Love Song

I've been watching her Music Video over and over again. It made me feel the capital letters REGRET! A Remorse for my FIRST LOVE.

Ebony and Ivory, that's how I call it way back then. A 7 year old playing that stuff looks cute, and that was drilled in my quirky mind. I thought I wanted to look cute, I'm wrong. I wanted more! I greed for the best. It turned out to be an obsession. I don't want to be a part of it, but I wanted it to be a part of me. I don't live for it, but it lives for me!

Then one lousy morning, I decided to.

Just say I won't do it anymore.

That was a recital day for the university, and i just don't feel like performing anymore. I never showed up. I can't even remember, if I felt sorry for my self and my trainer.

What is the reason for dropping that teclado after 8 years of having fun and sweating with it?

I don't know.

Have you ever felt the same thing? Losing your interest for the one that you really love, with no reason at all.

I can't stand regrets, it stinks.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

13th of July

This is not an issue about Friday the 13, because 13th of July was not Friday. One more thing, I am not bothered with this creepy date and day, because this day is a celebration on my part. Not that I am part of some voodoo gang, which I wish I am, But because every 10 years, my birthday is the lucky Friday the thirteen. So how can't i love this number and day.

Aside from the price hike of commodities and poverty, Filipinos are still into taboo. It has been part of our culture regardless of the present era. Don't complain that it is already 2008, the elders won't listen to you. Spare your saliva, and avoid dehydration.

Why I am up to this issue?

Simple. I made a call last week for the scheduling of my exam for the month of August. The morning slots for August are all taken, except for August 13. Since I el-ow-vi-ee 13, I booked that date. Come on guys, I'm not an elderly to take hold on that taboo issues.

13th of July- one month before the dooms day!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Casu Marzu

Another pretentious thing. At first sight I thought this was a cake. But oh no. It was not! It's a special cheese. Rotten cheese with live maggots on the top. Cheese fed the maggots. Maggots and cheese fed the Italians. For real, this dish is festive.

I am a little curious how this cheese taste like. And I'm excited to try it. If only we have one.


Eyebags failed to make her updates. She's trying to make a decent entry, but nothing interesting was bugging her for the rest of the week. She's been being pretentious for almost a week. Pretending studying. That was her hobby, acting like the usual goody type studious girl. But she'll be making up to you.

Allow her to master the art of doing things for the sake of doing it.

xoxo - the pretentious eyebags

Monday, July 7, 2008

2000 Bill

Upon hearing a conversation in the Post Office, it leads me upon searching the idea of a 2K Peso Bill. Alas, for real we have one. I wonder where have been the 300,000 pieces circulated. It was so funny that it's already 2008 when I found out about this bill, thinking that it was released year 1998.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Gossiping Voice

"The truth always come out" - GG

So who's the truth behind this naughty-licious voice? Who are you Gossip Girl? She was no other than KRISTEN BELL! Yes you read it right. Kristen is GG.

...xoxo you know you love me - GG

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Hair Needs a Bumble Care

I am fond of cutting my hair the way I want to. As what I have mentioned before, my friends made my fringes. It is a blunt bangs, one week in the making. I think my cousins are getting used to it. They became nicer and respectful with the new fringes of mine. But yesterday, I noticed that my normal hair turns into a dry frizzy one. This is an Emergency 101. I am not that vain in terms of hair aesthetics, but I am worried with my hair health. Maybe this is the effect of the voluminous chemicals I am applying to it. The reason why decided to look for hair care shampoo and conditioner that is mainly made of botanical ingredients.

As a blogger, half of my 24hour is spent in the internet. And this cyber market offers the one that I am looking for. With a little effort of hitting the keyboard, a pop of what I need showed off. I found this Bumble and bumble Alojoba Shampoo and its partner in hair crime management, Bumble and bumble Alojoba Conditioner. I am looking for botanicals, this product gave me a perfect combination – Aloe Vera + Jojoba Seed Oil = ALOJOBA. With a sprinkle of Cucumber and Chamomile that adds up with the hair strength to withstand everyday hair stress.

I tried asking my friend who works in a Beauty Shop, how’s the client’s review with this product. The product's claim was true. It adds body to the hair, makes it shinier, smother, to top them all it makes hair Healthier. And that’s what I’m looking for, a Healthy Hair. If you want to have more details, or you want set an order about the product that I am saying, this is the site that I found it - Mybumbleandbumble.com .

Have a good day!


Ain't Special

I almost forgot...

I almost forgot that I have to make an update for today.

Accidentally overwhelmed.

Things that I haven't done for a while, I outrightly did it a couple of hours ago. I know that I have a hard time keeping away from my cyber life. Especially if you have great blogger friends. Remarkable friends! Leaving my comfy cyber world reminds me of life, way out easy than what I thought of.

GG season end episode is wicked. I love you GG.

"B*tches don't just happen, their made" - GG

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Better in Time

My LSS. You're right Brain Fuzz, this song is really good. One of her best-est.

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too, oh yeah
(It'll all get better in time)
Even though I really loved you
I'm gonna smile 'cause I deserve to
(It'll all get better in time)
- Leona Lewis

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

When will be the next Page Rank Update?

When will be the next big day?

This 2008, I read from other reports that the first page rank update was last January. Then it was followed by another update last April. Also it has been calculated that Google made the ranking every three months. So according on my personal teeny weeny approximation, the big day will be on JULY!

This month!

**This calculation is solely made by Eyebags, so it does not claim that it is definite. Just a personal thought. You may have your own estimates.

Please leave me a comment of your prediction, when will it be.

Thank you very much!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


To some of my blogger friends, you might notice that "Friendster" is the same title of my latest Tagalog Entry. I cannot think of any decent title, to what I am going to blahblah this very moment. I removed my blog links from my Friendster account, for some lame reasons. You don't have to know the reasons why. I repeat, they are lame reasons. Who wants to know about lame reasons. No one, I believe. Twisted statements from a twisted mind. Again, you don't want to know why I am twisted.

Thanks for reading. I'll be in shape soon.

Monday, June 30, 2008

My Luck: PayPerPost

I Want Eyebags blog was approved by PayPerPost as their new postie. It is a site that provides blog ads where bloggers can earn from it. I was declined in some paid to post sites, and PayPerPost was my luck. What I love with PayPerPost is that it offers numerous opportunities. PayPerPost was not a scam, it was trusted by a lot of bloggers and that makes me feel eager to be a part of it. There's no problem in terms of payments, because it uses Paypal every 30th of the month. Every entry is well compensated in terms of payment.

I started applying for PPP when my friend adjhoice, also a postie from PayPerPost mentioned it to me. This is a blessing, because earlier I'd mentioned that I have to earn money to replace my missing $350 dollars. And this PayPerPost is the answer. All I need is a lot of perseverance and a little bit of luck.

One more thing about PayPerPost is it makes a real and just scrutiny of the blogs who are applying. PayPerPost don't just take it for granted, especially if your blog complies with their requirements. I am looking forward to have more blogger friends while working in PayPerPost.

If you are interested to join, they provide simple steps in registering your account and blog. A thing that I'd learned from them is to work hard to get what I want. Don't worry if your blog is less than 3 or 4 months, you’ll still have the chance. This blog is only 2.5 months old.

It is worth working with PayPerPost.


I am done sending my 2 pages complain for a well known international exam service provider for professionals. I believe, I have the right to made that lengthy follow-up : for leaving me clueless for a month about my sent registration form and fee.

Apologies for the call center agents that i'd been talking to for the past 2 weeks. Maybe I am hard to handle, because I am waiting for almost a month. It was just enough for me to be assertive of what i need. 350$ is a big money, especially if it is converted into peso (almost 15k) - maybe you'll have the idea how irritable i am waiting.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I am not fine

Everyone had their own troubles to fix. The worst is if you don't have the power to fix your own mess. I don't have the capability to sail the sea swift, i cannot make things easy and fun. There's no way i can make things well.

God please grant me Magic.

Do you believe in Magic?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Suspicious Lines

The Famous Sulpicio Lines had another timeless story to tell. Our very own Sulpicio Lines is greater than Titanic, in terms of mortality. And this shipping line bagged the world record as : the highest death toll of any shipping line in the world killing more than approximately 5,300.

I am fond of delayed reaction, and rotten news are fresh for me. My only concern with this issue is those sinking, drowning and floating victims. Some of them are found in some beaches where i used to savor the breezy summer wind, and submerged my instantly tanned body.

Brain Fuzz, remember the Caranan beach? Where we spent an overnight swim with some friends? That was one of the spots the corps set.

My cousin who hates seafoods has the valid reason not to eat fishes for now.wehehe.

Bangs or Fringes (whatever we call it)

I am supposed to have a side swept bangs. My friends made use of the bandage scissors to cut my hair. And it ends up as a full blunt bangs. That was really fun, i look like a sixth grader. And now my friends call me, "koreanang natutong". My Korean hair and my Pinay skin tone - inappropriately perfect.

Aftermath: After a month, my cousins saw me - they hated it. My bangs annoyed them. I annoyed them by doing nothing! magic magic. Anyway its ok, atleast my biological father love it. He's the only one who commented that it looks nice!

New Layout

I made a Gossip Girl Inspired layout, since we are obviously gaga to GG, nate, chuck and the upper east side world. what more!

My old Layout:

Comments and suggestions are requested. wehehe.



I'm Home!

Yes you got it right. I'm back in my comfy zone: unlimited internet, blogging all the way, bloghopping forever and ever, ximmy to the verge of limit per day.

Still my financial problem with my Application in Pearson has not yet been settled. I am praying that it will be fixed soon. I am going to wait until tomorrow, and if nothing happens I'll be paying again.

Praying that everything will get into place.

Brain Fuzz - still busy? can i have some torrents? thanks.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Like iBags, I have been quite busy lately. I have a new job. I left my old one because the girl from payroll decided to be a bitch and played around with my salary. Long story short, she met someone who was an even bigger bitch than her. Also ... she got fired. Thanks to my 8-page resignation letter.

Now I'm working in this other company where I feel like I'm stealing money from the company. The job is ridiculously easy, we have unfettered internet access and I love everyone in the company. Well, except for this one guy on the 4th floor who happens to be the husband of the company's big boss. Yeah ... that's me. I always manage to pick a fight with someone with a lot of power.

Aside from sleeping when I get back from work, I haven't been doing much. It's off-season for my favorite TV shows. But I have been watching this new one. It's called GREEK and it's kinda fun. Of course nothing can beat Gossip Girl but Greek is an hour of guilty pleasure.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I got my XIMMY!

Everybody is interested of earning extra money. Here's a fun way to do some business in the internet. You don't need to wait for a blog approval. I am part of XIMMY! Be my ximmy buddy!Thanks.

Monday, June 9, 2008

its been so soo soo

Gloomy sky, foggy sidewalk, exhausted fingers, soaked brain cells, missing my family, WHAT a day! Also I miss BRAIN FUZZ! Are you busy? Are you working for real? for real? and for real?

I cannot find any decent and interesting story to tell, for now. I guess this is not unusual for a stressed blogger like Eyebags. Piles of books to be accomplished. I'll start tearing the pages, soaked it under a boiling water, then I'll slowly sip the broth of pages. Yeay!

Hey Brain Fuzz, I need your opinion for the new layout I doodled!

To all passers by, thank you! I'll be wandering blogosphere some other time.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


No more featured unidentified creature for today. This is my limelight. I would like to announce that I am T-I-R-E-D. After the 14hours trip, I am perfectly exhausted. I'll be staying away from home for the whole month of June. To those who will organize a party as a celebration of my absence in Naga City, Heart of Bicol - I will all ^%$&** you!!

I may not have my own internet connection, but my neighbor does. She's/ He’s too sweet for letting me connect from time to time. I did not ask any permission. Or maybe she/he can't just resist my charm. Right Brain Fuzz??

I am wishing and hoping that my time to time connection will be, for all time!

FYI: Not in hiatus mode.

Tata for now!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome Brain Fuzz

In reply to Brain Fuzz' Primus.

She will be my counter, my critique, my brain extension, my co-blahblah. Let us welcome the fuzziest brain ever existed. Brain Fuzz, my good friend.

Let me call her "B", for she was so persistent of the idea of being Blair Waldorf. Blair was the hottie Queen B, while my "B" is a sizzling princess. Hottie is for the chic, while sizzling is for the food.

My "B" was sweet, sweet, sweet and sweet.

To all David Archuleta's fan out there. Please don't hate my "B". She was just fond of celebrity buzz. "B" was born to be outspoken, and with a body part called "gaydar". I am not sure how's the "gaydar" been working well these times. You know, in time our body-parts wear-off. Our body parts age together with our years of existence. Especially if you are over "S". Are you "B"?

Anyway let me tell you of our common objective for the next 48hours: be a part of the upper east side social elite.


Hi. You can call me Brain Fuzz. It's that feeling you get when you wake up in the middle of the night with no idea why you're up at 2AM. I am a guest author in this blog. And my presence just aims to be a counter to the many posts in this blog.

Mostly, it will just be a comment on a specific post. And if I'm in the mood, I might tell you about my day. Which rarely happens.

iBags is a really good friend of mine. She's fun and really nice in a good way. But she tends to be a little short-sighted sometimes. Consider her post - David Archuleta : Single but not yet interested. For iBags, she was making an observation on the fresh burst of maturity from 17-year old David.

Do you know what I see? I see a young gay boy who's afraid to come out of the closet. Specially with a father like this.

We do agree on some things though. Like movies. Her attempt at cinema critique was amusing. Any person who loved Orfanato has got to be seriously disturbed. Go watch the movie! You'll love it.

But aside from movies, we also have a thing for Gossip Girl. I've loved it since the very first episode. And why not? It's like someone took a camera crew and followed me around. It's SO my life. I would be Blair. :)

'Til next time.


To all David Archuleta fans out there. Wake up and see the light. Your little boy is a bright little flower.

Moving on ... just WHAT exactly is gaydar?

Gaydar is that little voice inside your head that tells something is a little wrong and a lot freaky.

Contrary to popular belief, gaydar is not just used to detect any homos in the vicinity. Gaydar is also quite frequently employed in the detection of things that have gone awry.

Ever had a friend who gushed about her new boyfriend, who after 6 months turns out to be a flaming faggot? Gaydar.

The two best friends playing basketball in the school quadrangle and walking towards their lockers locked hand in hand. Yep ... gaydar.

The annoying ex-boyfriend who started out perfect and sweet and ends up like someone fresh off a slasher movie. Say it with me ... gaydar.

Some people are born with gaydar. Some develop it to a usable extent. Some are just so devoid of any faggotry that they can't tell that their boyfriend uses a lot more concealer than they do.

The best way to hone your gaydar is to ... bring out your inner diva. In everything you do, ALWAYS expect the best and demand for excellence. Whether ordering foie gras at your favorite French Resto or buying adobo at your friendly neighborhood carenderia.

Take a deep breath and tell yourself ... "I am a diva and the world will open up its doors to me. I want a lot of stuff and I want them now. Gosh ang init pag umaga. Lord paki off ang sun please!"

XOXO You know you hate me.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Where's My Ass??

Browsing the image files in Google, a photo uploaded in Digg captured my short-attention span.

heres the photo: Turtle Two Heads No Ass

They're not freaks. They're CUTE. Im just wondering where would be their ass? That would be a big problem.. Maybe it would be somewhere in between them.

Karma vs Karma

I'd never thought that karma exist in two different views. It originated from a religion, but flourished all over the continents. At my two decades of living, it was then my first time to read a formal article about karma.

The eastern belief of karma is about the power of good deeds. You act good, then you'll have the ow soo good karma. You started being nasty and bit*hy, then you'll be rewarded with bad karma. Simple Arithmetic, and that's all bow.

Western karma is different. It is all about luck, fortune, beyond our human control of things. Well, this made me reminded of the movie Just My Luck. Lindsay Lohan mentioned "karma"in her lines there.

And that's for now, Karma around the globe. *smile

Japaneses Woman Arrested for Living in a Closet

I read this story from BBC News .

A 57 year old woman live in a man's closet for almost a year. She was reported to the police after the discovery of the closet's owner. The old woman stayed in the closet unnoticed by the owner. The man became curious because of the disappearance of his stored food inside the fridge.

He set-up a surveillance camera to look for the culprit. And Alas, the woman was then caught by the video camera. She has been also keeping a mattress within the closet.

At the end, it was revealed that the woman was homeless.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To Blog is To Earn Money

Who are not interested with earning through blogging?? I don't think so, if there's anyone out there. I found out this page, that contains the list of companies that pays your ability and creativity as a blogger.

The site is hongkiat.com . It has the list of 26 sites that may pay you to blog. The post was very interesting. I'd lost this on my bookmark, but i tried to look for it again. As a starter blogger like me, I really need this.

I hope this may help you too.

David Archuleta: Single but not yet interested

Another not so likable buzz news. David Archuleta does not want to have a girlfriend at this point in time. Well at least he's still single. Another consolation for that.

For him, at the age of 17 - he's not that mature enough to commit in a relationship. Wow that kind of point of view is a sign of maturity. Hey, You're the Man!

So what kind of girl David A. may be attracted in the future? Well an article from OK! Magazine have the list of Archuleta's criteria for his future girl.

Monday, May 26, 2008

David Cook' Girlfriend

Girls deep breath, David Cook has been inspired and in love all this time. He really have the reason to sing with full emotions in every piece. And the Lucky Girl is, no other than the Lacey Schwimmer American Idol So You Think You Can Dance Runner Up.

Lacey is 20 and David is 25. Perfect age right? Well she was madly in love, according to the write-ups. They've got into each other on their very first meeting. Their personalities foil, and that's how the exciting relationship began.

Well best of luck to their relationship. Girls calm down. Ok?

Stabbed to death, Actor in Harry Potter

Harry Potter's actor (minor role) died in in a brawl in London, last Saturday. The 18 year old actor, Rob Knox played the role of Ravenclaw in the upcoming series of Harry Potter.

After being stabbed, he was still brought to the hospital. The production of Harry Potter was indeed shocked by the incident.

According to the policemen, it was not a gang related fight, but still it had caused death to some young teenagers. To have the full story, you may visit CNN News.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dandruff Then and Again

DANDRUFF! It has been always an issue. And it is not easy to get rid of it. Just like seasons they come and go in a cycle basis. Then again, fungus has been the culprit.

At first. I thought dandruff has been existing because of hurried washing of hairs. Not enabling to wash off all the chemicals of shampoo. But hey, it was totally my self proclaimed myth. I am totally wrong. It was then Oil + Bacteria = homy place for Fungus.

So anti-dandruff shampoo were the said to be good in treating this never been unusual problem. And a formula for a homemade treatment solution is being suggested. This recipe is in this link.

Time of My Life

"Within the first 11 hours of the song’s availability, it hit #1 on the iTunes Top 100 Songs list in both the United States and Canada" - starmometer

This song was the winning piece of American Idol Songrwriter's Competition, this great gift is created by Regie Hamm. The official winner, instantly became the writer of David Cook's first single.

And I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time
To be more than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life

What more I can I say? This is perfectly for Cook. I really love this song.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pitty on Me

If this computer had the ability to complain or even say no - it would terribly cry for help. I am uploading, downloading and blogging at the same time. wehehehe. I am not mean, i am just bored. I can't sleep, not because of emptiness - but because of too much worries running in my head. It is really unfair, why can't i tell my head to stop thinking of anxiety provoking stuff. It is a big waste of time.

I may be an abusive user, but please don't let me down.

xoxo - You know that i love you.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Penthouse (i want one)

Luxury here on earth is irresistible. How can i stop myself craving for a penthouse. Just one. Just one. Just one. one ok?

Dreaming is nonrestrictive , so dream high, dream for the best. Just like the World's Sexiest Penthouses. Am I not asking too much? Being on the top, with an extravagant space. A simple entry on my wish list. Very simple, yet hard to make it real. Hmmm.

In time that I have one. I'll flaunt it. In the near future..

The Orfanato

A creepy movie. (period)

I watched this movie one noontime, after I ate my lunch. It was a brilliant idea to eat before watching the movie. Since I made use of much energy, with my intermittent screaming and struggling on the coach.

It was not the typical type of hell-horror films. It will scares you in a different way. hmmm. Simply created but intricate details were given much attention.

drama + horrifying = perfecto!

here's the official website.

Pans Labyrinth

I'd been keeping this movie in my sleeve for almost a month. And yes, it was only today that i was able to view this film. I must agree that this movie is good. Brilliantly written. One of a kind. Full of surprises. It is for sure that creative minds struggled just to flaunt the magical world in a different way.

Well as what I am fond of doing after watching a movie, I then visited the official website. Another wow, nice website Ofelia. Fantastic. I just love how the creator match the value of the movie to its site.

Two thumbs up!

Chick Flicks

Major relaxation demands a Chick Flick movie. It is the type of movie that i watch when I just want to open my eyes and paralyze my mind. There's no need for a critical mind. They just give everything in an easy way. yeah. In an easy and amusing way. Shallowness give me the chills.

Since everyone has the right to do the listing, an article about The 20 Worst Chick Flicks of All Time was created. While I was scrolling the movies, I found some selected films as my former favorites. I laugh at myself after finding out that some of my recommendable movies screwed up on some taste.

It's a matter of taste anyway.

Heavy Feeling

It is just like loads of baggages pumping in my chest. Wanting to breath in and out. I just want to be freed. Weird feeling, I was not expecting to be this depressing. This is a hard day. Saying Goodbyes, letting go, missing someone, parting same dreams that I used to daydream of.

Well how can we say no to death, when our time is over. Nobody knows how, and nobody can. We have our own time, it is just a matter of acceptance. The only thing I can possibly do is follow the step of DABDA. Reality bites, and that's the thing for sure.

Dear friend, it's a goodbye for now. Promise i'll be nice, for me to meet you in heaven. ciao! we'll keep on praying.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cook American Idol Season Winner

Yeay. David Cook. He will always be my baby. Congrats Congrats. How many female creatures were cheering as of this moment? And I'm one of them.

A review on what had happened during final night is in here.

Archuleta is also good, but Cook is the mature type of performer - what the viewers were craving for.

I just love this day. I just love Cook.

One more thing David Cook's brother was also my crush.wehehe. can i have both of them? new entries on my wishlist.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baldy's Blog

As I was browsing the web, I accidentally bump in to a news webpage. A small thumbnail picture under the Feature section got my attention.

It was a bald man, the only person who was having two types of leukemia at the same time. Adrian Sudbury was a reporter who was diagnose of having these leukemia, two days after his promotion in job.

He was campaigning for more bone marrow donors to help those who are in need of bone marrow transplant. Mr. Sudbury explains that bone marrow donation is not that "horrific" as what we thought. And there are several patients around the globe who are needing of our help.

Baldy's Blog was Adrian's Personal Blog.

"As for dying - how can anyone be scared of something that is going to happen to every single one of us?" Adrian Sudbury (Baldy's Blog)

Smoothies vs Teeth

Everyone's favorite, our fresh fruit smoothies.

Smoothies has been the regular sips of those who are trying to drop weight and put their body into Twiggy's young size and shape. Health conscious individuals are regularly drinking smoothies, because of its nutritional content.

It has been found out, that the high content of acid and sugar in these drinks damages our teeth's enamel. High sugar content can also precipitate heart problems, respiratory diseases and diabetes.

To prevent the damage on our white sparkling teeth, it was advised to do the brushing before drinking this smoothies, rather than after taking the drink. The whole article is in BBC NEWS.

Holmes in Broadway

The revival of Arthur Miller's All My Sons will be staged in Broadway. When? No definite date was given. The big "S" had been revealed. Katie Holmes, the good wife of Tom Cruise will be part of the theatrical play.

It is Mrs. Katie Holmes-Cruise debut in theater. Since this written masterpiece had been always the critics' favorite, is Holmes will be living out with the expectations?

Katie may be once the Hollywood baby. Press was more up to her after being tied up with the gorgeous Mr.Cruise. The big "Q", are thespians will love you Katie?

Big Goodluck!

Californians' Same Sex Marriage

California's Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage.

George Takei,71 (fondly known as Mr. Sulu on Star Trek, recently appeared in Heroes) plans to marry His 21-year partner in life Mr. Brad Altman, 54.

Brad was his Manager in His acting career. Takei states that they've been through thick and thin. They spend traveling together in some special places around the globe.

After the Supreme Court decision, Ellen DeGeneres comedian-host plans to marry her girlfriend Ms.Portia de Rossi.

The whole story in BBC News.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jolie and Brad Having Twins

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be having their fifth and sixth babies. Future celebrity twins!

"It's confirmed?" asked "Today" interviewer Natalie Morales.

"Yeah, yeah, we've confirmed that already," Jolie said. "Well, Jack's just confirmed it actually."

"Is that true?" Black said jokingly.

"Yeah, you did," Jolie replied.

"Sorry," Black said.

This conversation is taken from the CNN news report. To view the full story you may click this link : Jolie and Brad

David A. vs David C

It will be David vs David in American Idol next week. After several weeks of trimming down, the two best davids will be facing on the finals. Syesha Mercado had to close the show tonight with her farewell performance of "If Ain't Got you".

David Archuleta's tears of joy during the home coming was darn cute. While David Cook's sob was more of a gorgeous honk. It was noticeable that The Cook's Brothers were having these special genes. Andrew was undeniably good looking.

Is it A or C to take the B??

Who will take the Beacon home??

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lolit Solis Retracted

Months of battling with this issue, so long with the intrigues since the ends meet. Sam and Piolo demands for a retraction from Ms. Lolit Solis. The writer gave what they want, thus withdrawing the libel case.

The full report is in here. GMANEWS.TV

Hmm. Who's the next in the front page?? Philippine Showbiz is quite a big feast, fresh meal, crunchy treat, and sweet past time.

Produce more good movies.. Hot issues is not the main course, it's the side dish.

Earthquake Prediction * prank

Another Prank SMS Message. What the F! A predicted earthquake for tonight here in the Philippines. My parents hurriedly gave us a ring. Giving final instructions what to do in case the earthquake strike us for real. Pretending that I'm getting all the instructions given, my mind starts to creeps the ADPIE of Nursing (Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation).

Before being the perfect obedient daughter, I have to say this. "Mom, wait for a sec. Let me check the credibility of the message *Assessment." Hola! Here it is: Inquirer.net

Hay. SMS Messages.. What's new?? To the author of the alarming sms message : Thanks for the mess..

American Idol 14th of May, 2008

After the yummy version "Always Be My Baby" of this gorgeous David Cook. He hit the Armageddon's OST "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing". You really don't want to miss a thing during his performance. It's not awesome. It's wicked, be enchanted under his spell.

Tomorrow will be the big cut. Leaving the stage for the final two. Waah. I love them all, but what about dropping another name. It's never been unusual. It was AI's ( American Idol ) business. Well, they were already big stars.

Awaiting for the final night. We can never tell, who will be loved by America. Save the date for Simon, Paula and Randy last scrutinizing event for this season.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gossip Girl

"These Upper East Side kids were kind of crazy." -GG

To everyone out there who were madly into GG, the latest plot is so sizzling.Check this out: Gossip Girl Blog

How can I resist GG, there's a fantastic, stumbling world out there. Beyond the expectations. Juicy taglines worth remembering. Can I be one of the Upper East Side hotty elites? How i wish!

Sweet Revenge VS. Sexy Acts.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Eye Have Fallen to Say

Lack of sleep turns my brain to think of twisted thoughts.

It may be usual to write an entry about some broken dreams, unrequited love, betrayal of a BFF, ungratified lust, and upheaval to the society. Too passe, but servely fresh in every table laid by the writer itself. Well, too old fashioned I may be, but nonetheless I would write my rants bout love.

Anyway who really cares, if I blah blah about my tiny feeling for you. Hhmm. You know what, you are different. And being the way you are, made me love you. But being the way I am, made you too familiar with me. To the extent that leaving no space for us to be in a second level. More intricate than plain old friendship.

I started longing. You've been lost.

I learned that moving on, is the best for me. You've been there needing me.

Well its been too much of a drama. And who doesn't get irritated with mushiness?

Since everything fall into place. I've fallen to say Goodbye.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Eye Hate You

If somebody could be calm, then why can't you?

Yes, I couldn't understand why panicking is a favorite response of some impulsive hot-tempered individuals. It is a devastating feeling that raises your blood pressure, increases your wrinkles, pounds your heart hard, get your head aches, increases your physical age ,while shortening your life span.

If you want to die soon, get mad everyday. Curse the world as you want. Never wake up smiling. Hate every person that crosses your way. Envy the rich, famous and pretty. And the worst, drop your faith carelessly.

Writing about these persons add lines on my forehead. I may not be affected by this unfortunate attitude, but they are not helping those persons whose emotional quotient is quite low. They are not good, or doesn't even know how to boost up ones confidence and hopes.

If you can't live your life happily, then so be it. Just don't give the merry beings the thought to live like yours. Thank You!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Eye Love You

Boy craze! It's stupid, but it's not a total bullcrap. I'm not a teenybopper. I am 22 years old. I am old. I could not even got in crushing a boy band. My days ended smirking with that boy-next-door. Done with the sweet valley high. Old enough to say I crush you, just in time to say "Eye Love You".

Struggling with my age related theory of Intimacy VS. Isolation, I am in the "VS". Cannot even decide where to be siding. Maybe because the man that I am spotting is still wandering with his own insecurities. It can never be fair for me to have him, with his mind out there seeking who he is. I'd waited. And I can still wait. If you're home with me after a couple of years, then I'll be fine. If not, it can be awful at first. But time heals. And waiting is involuntary. Subconscious is doing an over time. Fairy tales were never wholly fiction.

Love had never been stupid. Lovers had never been blind. It is just that "Eye Love You" had been use at the wrong time, at the wrong place or even with the wrong person.

Eye-ing to a Dream

I made it with a single hit. And thanking God is not enough to repay for His Goodness. Fixing my life as well, is the best offer i could give. Dear God, I may not be your perfect daughter. But I am striving to flourish with all these imperfections. There are a lot of people praying for these gifts. Not all of them were granted in a single snap. But you answered mine, with my single hit. Passing the Local Board, CGFNS and IELTS in a first take, is not really my dream. Because I am not expecting to pass all of these in a single shot. But I did. I took CGFNS and IELTS this March, with two weeks interval. That time I was expecting, one of it will fail. But you are just so kind! You are the best.

I am not ashamed that i only got 79.5% on my local board. I am proud of it, though it hasn't reach the 80%. The point is I passed. And I promised to myself, I will be good with my International Exams! I got a score of 539 in my CGFNS examination and a Bandscore of 7 with my IELTS. With all the blessings, I could not even rest in my Lawrence.

Euphoria is a temporary feeling for me. I still have my NCLEX Examination. Working double time is not a sacrifice, but an endearing perseverance to repay all HIS Goodness.

I Want Eyebags

I envy those who have "puffy-purplish-baggy-under-eye" extra asset. I never had one, and my obsession escalates every time i see one. I see toddlers having their mini eye bags at an early age. Craving for eyebags may not be the usual, but i don't see any abnormalities on it. Hey I just want them!! Do my chinky eyes don't have the right to own one??? Can anybody answer me??

Obsession number 2: Can I have hairs under my armpit? This is weird, growing into puberty without any reasons to shave, wax, or even struggle with tweezers under my armpit. During PE classes, i peep underneath my classmates undershirts everytime we change into our PE uniforms. God I see hairs from them, but how about mine? I see..nah..boring. I just don't have any. It sucks, how could this be happening? My mom and dad had it! My brothers also had plenty of it! After 22 years of wondering, my mom answered me. With all honesty. My daughter, you're an orphan. What? My heart starts to pound. Mini-tear-balls collected and started draining one by one. And now I am beginning to write a fiction beyond the reality, that I don't have hairs underneath my armpit.

To crap things simply, both of my grandmothers (father and mother side) don't have any hair underneath their armpit. Now I get it.

Simply indifferent to like the unlikable. But how can I resist? I am only human, craving beyond what I am, and what I have. Dwelling in my human instinct.