Sunday, July 27, 2008

Page Rank Update July 26, 2008

Yesterday Google made an update for Page Rank!!

Bloggers start checking your PR!

Is it up or down??

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Peaches, You May Open the Window

It was reported that Peaches Geldof was found under drug overdose in her flat. After being revived, she refused to be brought to the hospital. That was so shy of Peaches. Hmmm. She wanted to keep it as a hush. But the latest buzz, her overdose was due to inhalation of hair dye while she was applying it on herself.

She forgot to open the window? That was.. I don't know. I'll just keep my fingers froze over my keyboard. Another socialite bow.

In her clown chic dress, The Dark Knight premiere.

I am not going to kill myself ---> EMO

This factual buzz is somewhat a struggle to the EMO kids rocking for their EQ. It's a battle between the Emo and the Russian Government. The Russian Legislation is working with the idea of banning all the emo and goth get up in schools and government buildings.

The web world is affected! Emo Websites will be regulated.

Things are very clear that the government negates with the prospering philosophy of EMO kids --> SUICIDE!

Side swept bangs, bye bye for now. ONLY in RUSSIA.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is FUN

This Personality Test is amusing, churvah showed this page to me. By the way, it would be more fun if you'll vote for her. The link for voting is on her page, thank you very much!!

About the personality test, I am the INDIVIDUALISTIC DOER!

My personality type: the individualistic doer


This may be true for you, just like mine.

1-4 steps then you're done!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Love

Sara Bareilles - Love Song

I've been watching her Music Video over and over again. It made me feel the capital letters REGRET! A Remorse for my FIRST LOVE.

Ebony and Ivory, that's how I call it way back then. A 7 year old playing that stuff looks cute, and that was drilled in my quirky mind. I thought I wanted to look cute, I'm wrong. I wanted more! I greed for the best. It turned out to be an obsession. I don't want to be a part of it, but I wanted it to be a part of me. I don't live for it, but it lives for me!

Then one lousy morning, I decided to.

Just say I won't do it anymore.

That was a recital day for the university, and i just don't feel like performing anymore. I never showed up. I can't even remember, if I felt sorry for my self and my trainer.

What is the reason for dropping that teclado after 8 years of having fun and sweating with it?

I don't know.

Have you ever felt the same thing? Losing your interest for the one that you really love, with no reason at all.

I can't stand regrets, it stinks.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

13th of July

This is not an issue about Friday the 13, because 13th of July was not Friday. One more thing, I am not bothered with this creepy date and day, because this day is a celebration on my part. Not that I am part of some voodoo gang, which I wish I am, But because every 10 years, my birthday is the lucky Friday the thirteen. So how can't i love this number and day.

Aside from the price hike of commodities and poverty, Filipinos are still into taboo. It has been part of our culture regardless of the present era. Don't complain that it is already 2008, the elders won't listen to you. Spare your saliva, and avoid dehydration.

Why I am up to this issue?

Simple. I made a call last week for the scheduling of my exam for the month of August. The morning slots for August are all taken, except for August 13. Since I el-ow-vi-ee 13, I booked that date. Come on guys, I'm not an elderly to take hold on that taboo issues.

13th of July- one month before the dooms day!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Casu Marzu

Another pretentious thing. At first sight I thought this was a cake. But oh no. It was not! It's a special cheese. Rotten cheese with live maggots on the top. Cheese fed the maggots. Maggots and cheese fed the Italians. For real, this dish is festive.

I am a little curious how this cheese taste like. And I'm excited to try it. If only we have one.


Eyebags failed to make her updates. She's trying to make a decent entry, but nothing interesting was bugging her for the rest of the week. She's been being pretentious for almost a week. Pretending studying. That was her hobby, acting like the usual goody type studious girl. But she'll be making up to you.

Allow her to master the art of doing things for the sake of doing it.

xoxo - the pretentious eyebags

Monday, July 7, 2008

2000 Bill

Upon hearing a conversation in the Post Office, it leads me upon searching the idea of a 2K Peso Bill. Alas, for real we have one. I wonder where have been the 300,000 pieces circulated. It was so funny that it's already 2008 when I found out about this bill, thinking that it was released year 1998.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Gossiping Voice

"The truth always come out" - GG

So who's the truth behind this naughty-licious voice? Who are you Gossip Girl? She was no other than KRISTEN BELL! Yes you read it right. Kristen is GG.

...xoxo you know you love me - GG

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Hair Needs a Bumble Care

I am fond of cutting my hair the way I want to. As what I have mentioned before, my friends made my fringes. It is a blunt bangs, one week in the making. I think my cousins are getting used to it. They became nicer and respectful with the new fringes of mine. But yesterday, I noticed that my normal hair turns into a dry frizzy one. This is an Emergency 101. I am not that vain in terms of hair aesthetics, but I am worried with my hair health. Maybe this is the effect of the voluminous chemicals I am applying to it. The reason why decided to look for hair care shampoo and conditioner that is mainly made of botanical ingredients.

As a blogger, half of my 24hour is spent in the internet. And this cyber market offers the one that I am looking for. With a little effort of hitting the keyboard, a pop of what I need showed off. I found this Bumble and bumble Alojoba Shampoo and its partner in hair crime management, Bumble and bumble Alojoba Conditioner. I am looking for botanicals, this product gave me a perfect combination – Aloe Vera + Jojoba Seed Oil = ALOJOBA. With a sprinkle of Cucumber and Chamomile that adds up with the hair strength to withstand everyday hair stress.

I tried asking my friend who works in a Beauty Shop, how’s the client’s review with this product. The product's claim was true. It adds body to the hair, makes it shinier, smother, to top them all it makes hair Healthier. And that’s what I’m looking for, a Healthy Hair. If you want to have more details, or you want set an order about the product that I am saying, this is the site that I found it - .

Have a good day!

Ain't Special

I almost forgot...

I almost forgot that I have to make an update for today.

Accidentally overwhelmed.

Things that I haven't done for a while, I outrightly did it a couple of hours ago. I know that I have a hard time keeping away from my cyber life. Especially if you have great blogger friends. Remarkable friends! Leaving my comfy cyber world reminds me of life, way out easy than what I thought of.

GG season end episode is wicked. I love you GG.

"B*tches don't just happen, their made" - GG

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Better in Time

My LSS. You're right Brain Fuzz, this song is really good. One of her best-est.

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too, oh yeah
(It'll all get better in time)
Even though I really loved you
I'm gonna smile 'cause I deserve to
(It'll all get better in time)
- Leona Lewis

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

When will be the next Page Rank Update?

When will be the next big day?

This 2008, I read from other reports that the first page rank update was last January. Then it was followed by another update last April. Also it has been calculated that Google made the ranking every three months. So according on my personal teeny weeny approximation, the big day will be on JULY!

This month!

**This calculation is solely made by Eyebags, so it does not claim that it is definite. Just a personal thought. You may have your own estimates.

Please leave me a comment of your prediction, when will it be.

Thank you very much!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


To some of my blogger friends, you might notice that "Friendster" is the same title of my latest Tagalog Entry. I cannot think of any decent title, to what I am going to blahblah this very moment. I removed my blog links from my Friendster account, for some lame reasons. You don't have to know the reasons why. I repeat, they are lame reasons. Who wants to know about lame reasons. No one, I believe. Twisted statements from a twisted mind. Again, you don't want to know why I am twisted.

Thanks for reading. I'll be in shape soon.